Zom-Com — an experiment in media praxis

Zom-Com┬áis a new zombie comedy TV series pilot produced by The University of Alabama’s Dept. of Telecommunication and Film. You can follow its updates on the pilot’s facebook page.


Project Description
The University of Alabama Department of Telecommunication and Film presents Zom-Com, a television comedy pilot about a ragtag team of “zombie chasers” who track and study zombie behavior with the goal of finding a cure.

This ambitious project is the collaboration between Professor Adam Schwartz’s “Advanced Television Production” class and Dr. Matt Payne’s “Zombies in Culture” course. Additionally, the project partnered with UA’s “Creative Campus,” an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to bringing creative projects and ideas to life.


The pilot is now on the festival circuit, having recently played at the Sidewalk Film Festival!


Zom-Com Teaser Trailer