Category: Articles (refereed)

“The Long Tale of Downloadable Convergence”

Citation: Payne, Matthew Thomas. “The Long Tale of Downloadable Convergence.” The Velvet Light Trap, 81 (Spring 2018): 70-73. Abstract: …

“Regulating the Desire Machine: Custer’s Revenge and 8-Bit Atari Porn Games”

Co-authored with Peter Alilunas. Television and New Media (in press).

“Parody as Brand: The Case of [adult swim]’s Paracasual Advergames”

Co-authored with David Gurney. Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies (2014).

“Policing the Sandbox in Grand Theft Auto Online”

Co-authored with Michael Fleisch. Media Fields 8 (2014).

“War Bytes: The Critique of Militainment in Spec Ops: The Line

Critical Studies in Media Communication 31(4) (2014): 265-282.

“Gaming Art”

Co-authored with Michael Fleisch. Journal for International Digital Media Arts Association 9.1 (Spring 2013).

“Marketing Military Realism in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Games & Culture 7.4 (July 2012): 305-327.

Super Meat Boy: A Love Letter”

Co-authored with Stephen Campbell. Well Played: A Journal on Video Games, Value, and Meaning 2.1 (2012).

“Stories from the Seats of Power: Chopper versus Chopper as Dueling Travelogues”

Co-authored with Michael Fleisch. Well Played: A Journal on Video Games, Value, and Meaning 2.1 (2012).

“The Digital Divide and its Discontents”

Currents in Electronic Literacy 9 (Fall 2005).