Matthew Thomas Payne

“The Long Tale of Downloadable Convergence”

“Wicked Games, Part III: Caution — Contents May Be Hot…and Hidden”

Playing War: Military Video Games after 9/11

Wicked Games, Part II: Blood, Sex, and Pixels

“Wicked Games, Part I: Twenty-sided Demons”

“Regulating the Desire Machine: Custer’s Revenge and 8-Bit Atari Porn Games”

“Beyond Minnows and Whales: Reconstructing Mobile Gaming for the Cross-Platform Franchise”

“Militarism and Online Games”

“Critical War Play”

“Parody as Brand: The Case of [adult swim]’s Paracasual Advergames”

Zom-Com — an experiment in media praxis

“Policing the Sandbox in Grand Theft Auto Online”

“Connected Viewing, Connected Capital: Fostering Gameplay Across Screens”

“Key Issues in Digital Ecosystem Design and Implementation”

“War Bytes: The Critique of Militainment in Spec Ops: The Line

“Redesigning Game Industry Studies”

“Gaming Art”

“Wound Raider: Authorizing Trauma in Lara Croft’s Origin Story”

“Response to Moses Wolfenstein’s ‘Well Suffered’”

“Marketing Military Realism in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Super Meat Boy: A Love Letter”

“Stories from the Seats of Power: Chopper versus Chopper as Dueling Travelogues”

“Broadband of Brothers: Fostering Gameplay Across Screens”

“Advergaming and Niche Branding”

“Everything I Need to Know About Filmmaking I Learned from Playing Video Games: The Educational Promise of Machinima”

Flow TV: Television in the Age of Media Convergence

“F*ck You, Noob Tube!: Learning the Art of Ludic LAN War”

Joystick soldiers: The Politics of Play in Military Video Games

Director of Photography Demo Reel (2001-2003)

“Interpreting Gameplay through Existential Ludology”


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